App Reviews Need Better Functionality

You know I love my apps. They are so pretty and I love the developers that make them. But what I hate is in-app review notifications. It’s like an invasion of my privacy or something. I’d rather donate some money to the developer in-app than see a notification that forces me to leave the app to review it.

I keep my phone on Do Not Disturb all day long now and only accept calls from 4 people so any type of intrusion is met with ample hostility. This has drastically eliminated so much distraction but every now and again an app I’ve had for years gets an update and all of a sudden it’s time to ask me to review it.

I even hate reviewing people on eBay. But what’s so sad is that I wait and hope people will review me when I sell them something special and include some extra stuff in the package. And when I get that review I’m super happy for some reason. The same way a person on Instagram feels when some random person they never met likes their picture.

It’s selfish to expect someone to review you if you had an app and you not review them. But you know what else, Apple needs to fix this. Why not have a way to review right from the pop up. Add some stars to it, a little section to type something quick and get back to the app. Have a notification message in the Notification Center if you aren’t up for responding right away. And if that fails, have a review section in the App Store app that you can tap into when you’re bored and want to review your apps. Make it iMessage style so it has an easy familiar layout too.

Once something like that is setup I’ll be way more willing to review my favorite apps.