Life is about progress and there’s no finish line or quick fixes. In order to truly be great you have to put in the work daily, all the time. I fail to realize this sometimes. Everything requires work and everything great requires even more. If someone tells you a quick scheme to make a lot of money or see results fast without too much work or action, your insides should churn and you should walk the other way.

Newton’s Third Law, with every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, means there’s a cause and effect to everything. Our actions and progress on these actions will help shape our lives. The greater the action, the more impact it will have.

Tesla Extended the Range of Some Florida Vehicles for Hurricane Irma

“Tesla’s 60 and 60D vehicles offer a range of just above 200 miles on a charge. Faced with an order to leave, one Tesla owner contacted the company, saying that they needed an additional 30 miles of range to get out of the mandatory evacuation zone they were in. In response, the company issued an update to other drivers in the state, providing them with the full 75 kWh capacity of their vehicles through September 16th. One driver posted a screenshot of his app, which showed off the new extended range.”

Tesla’s ability to do this says a lot about the power they have over your car. I mean its cool in some aspects but weird in others. Eventually when enough Teslas are on the road we’ll have cops sending updates to lower your battery capacity to catch you. That will suck during a getaway.