Apple Event September 2017

A new iPhone, a new iOS system. Some extra surprises. It’s called an Apple Event and its coming again. This year it’s going to be held on the new Apple Park campus inside of the Steve Jobs Theater. I definitely want a smaller body iPhone with less bezel and bigger screen which is rumored this year. The current iteration has grown on me but with all the latest designs coming from Samsung and other phone manufactures, its leaving the iPhone design really outdated.

I like to see how Apple sells the iPhone 7S design to the public when there will be a more modern looking iPhone with less bezel right next to it. Even if it costs more, its going to be the phone everyone wants. With the way the phone pricing structure works in America, the costs won’t do too much to deter a buyer from the iPhone they really want. $55-65 bucks a month extra to rent an iPhone 8 (X, 10 or whatever it will be called) won’t be too much of a burden to many.

That means preorders will be crazy again, maybe worse and from all the rumors about shortages, this will cause a lot of delays if you aren’t first to preorder. They recently sent out a notice about customers of the Apple Upgrade program who can now send their iPhones in via mail. That means even more people preordering online vs waiting in a line.

If we lived in a perfect world, I’m sure Apple would’ve loved an iPhone 8 design for the whole line this year. We don’t and because of that we are going to have a shit show of preorders and people mad about delays.

Another concern is Qualcomm’s lack of involvement in the iPhone. For the last 2 years I’ve intentionally bought iPhones from Verizon or factory unlocked that have the Qualcomm chip. This allows me to switch between CDMA and GSM because of reception issues in different locations. Apple and Qualcomm have been in a dispute for a while so I’m now wondering how the chip set will work this year.

We will see tomorrow. I just want my iPhone X in black with 256GB or more, some new Apple AirPods and a new Apple TV.