Apple Event Let Down

The Apple Event is over and I’m pretty disappointed I have to wait untill October 27th to give them my money. The iPhone X is the only iPhone the crowd was excited about and to have us wait another 45 days to preorder is a slap in the face. We’re looking at early November before we can hold the iPhone X.

All in all, the only thing I’m a little enthusiastic about is the screen and smaller body which we already knew from rumors. FaceID appears decent and “Wireless”charging looks like a gimmick unless it supports fast charging. Apple’s official charging pad, dubbed AirPower, doesn’t come out until next year.

The Apple Watch LTE version seems nice but looking on the Apple website, we won’t get streaming music until later in the year. So basically I’ll have an independent watch that makes calls I never make and gets texts that almost always annoy me until Apple unlocks the streaming music feature. That sucks balls. Plus the Apple Watch app scene sucks at an even higher level right now. I foresee an LTE watch getting very little use in the near future.

So on the iPhones’ 10th anniversary we got a bunch of half baked items we have to wait for instead of something magical. Thanks Apple!

  1. We are still confused as to what Wireless actually means. Wireless means no contact and we still need contact to charge here.