iPhone X Thoughts

My personal thoughts aside regarding the delayed launch dates, the iPhone X will be a welcome change to the current iPhone brand. Fast charging is going to make life a lot easier and will definitely be needed for iPhone Plus users who are used to longer battery life. I have fast charging on my iPad Pro 10.5 and it’s crazy how I get fully charged in a hour or two using a 29W USB-C charger. Looking at stats on Apple’s website, the iPhone X sits in the middle of its siblings (iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) when it comes to battery life.

The X has a more narrow screen next to its big brother the iPhone Plus but it is longer. The top notch is going to be weird to look at for a couple days but we’ll get use to it. That notch does give us Face ID which will be a game changer from all the interviews I’m reading, so you can’t be too mad at it.

Apple has also implemented more swiping gestures with the X since there is no home button. When it comes to these swipes and gestures, it brings me back to my Palm Pre days. I loved that phone but it became obsolete very quickly with the lack of development. The gestures were one of kind though and it’s up for debate as to whether Apple has stolen a page from that book. Switching apps and getting to the home page with a swipe were things the Palm Pre had going for itself. It even had magnetic charging or what you people call “Wireless Charging”.

I was a Palm fanatic back in the day, rocking the Trēo, Centro and eventually the Palm Pre. I would be on discussion boards fighting battles against the Apple “Sheep” as they were called. Eventually I had to switch over to Apple and have been content ever since. Although I enjoyed all the tweaking and modifications I was able to do with Palm, it lacked the yearly upgrades, stability and developer adoption Apple had and still grows today.

Now Apple has placed serious gesture controls into their flag ship phone for the masses. We are going to see some wild and creative things from the X, something the Palm Pre was not able to fulfill for us. It’s going to be a new way for many to handle and protect their phones, but in time it will become the normal way, that is until Apple finds another way.