Preordering the iPhone X

For all those Apple maniacs like myself waiting for the iPhone X, I hope your alarm clocks go off a little later than mine on October 27th. Just joking, I hope we all get the iPhone X but the way things are looking, we need to be armed and ready to preorder this thing. iPhone 8 sales are not doing too great and I was hoping that would take some of the steam off.

I’m getting my girlfriend ready to preorder this thing with me on multiple computers, iOS devices and currently looking up all the tricks in the book to successfully get this thing November 3rd. I don’t know why Apple makes this so damn hard. They need to have a way to automatically send new iPhones out every year. That’s what I thought the Apple Upgrade Program was going to be. I pick the memory size the month before and they can just send me it on launch day, I don’t care about the price and neither does anyone else.

The reason why the demand for the iPhone X will be so crazy this year is because the iPhone was due for a change a long time ago. How can we flash our huge bezel iPhones off to Android users who are used to edge to edge displays. We look silly. Granted our iPhones probably work better but an edge to edge screen is the new craze now.

The iPhone 8 was a waste, they will still get money from it but that design in 2017 is akin to upgrading the MacBook Air with USB-C and a Touch Bar but leaving the screen the same. People will still buy the product but it’s disrespectful to the customers. We either keep the iPhones we have, upgrade to an iPhone 8 with the same screen we’ve seen for years, or shill out some outrageous fee for the iPhone X if we can even order the thing.

In an ideal world, they could have developed two tiers of the iPhone X. They would also scrap the iPhone 8 design so there would be complete focus at their factories to get these Xs made as fast as possible. There would be an iPhone X with OLED plus a stainless body and a cheaper version with a lower screen quality and aluminum body called the iPhone XS. Similar to the Apple Watch tiers. Customers would get the same design but not the best screen and body but many would not give a crap. The edge to edge design would be welcomed by the customers.

For us maniacs, we could order our OLED versions in peace and go about our day looking down on the less fortunate people with cheaper screens. Life would be good. More app developers would be on board to quickly upgrade and embrace the notch in their apps, probably even doing some wild and crazy things with it. But that’s not Apple, they will milk the crap out of their old designs until they no longer can, adding little trinkets like “Wireless Charging” while the industry innovates on design at a faster pace.